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152X%20-%20Civil%20Rights%2c%20LBJ%2c%201960s - Civil...

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Unformatted text preview: Civil Rights and the Civil Rights and the 1960s Lyndon Johnson: Biography Lyndon Johnson: Biography 1960 Election 1960 Election LBJ: The Legislative Record LBJ: The Legislative Record 1964 Civil Rights Act “Bloody Sunday” on the Bridge 1965 Voting Rights Act The Great Society and War on Poverty Medicare and Medicaid Housing The Environment The Tragedy of The Tragedy of Vietnam Background Dien Bien Phu Ngo Dinh Diem Gulf of Tonkin Rolling Thunder The Tet Offensive Malcolm X and NOI Malcolm X and NOI Summer Riots Summer Riots Black Power Black Power The Student Movement The Student Movement SDS Berkeley Free Speech Movement Vietnam Protests Counterculture “Sacraments” Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Oachs, The Beatles Drug Use Summer of Love, 1967 Summer of Love Summer of Love Election of 1968 Election of 1968 ...
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