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HIST152X: United States History since 1877 Eric Hall Final Exam Study Guide Long Answer/Identifications: Remember to answer who or what the ID is , state approximately when it happened , and explain why the ID is important . In other words, what can this ID tell us about society at that time? Greece and Turkey Loan Truman Doctrine George Kennan and Containment Walter Lippmann Marshall Plan Igor Gouzenko Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Alger Hiss Joseph McCarthy Army–McCarthy Hearings Korean War Levittown and “Little Boxes” Baby Boomers 1950s Gender Roles Rock ‘n’ Roll Brown v. Board of Education Montgomery Bus Boycott Sit–ins Martin Luther King, Jr. and Passive Resistance John F. Kennedy Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois Lyndon Johnson Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Resolution Ngo Dinh Diem New Left Student Movement Counterculture/Hippies
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152X%20-%20Final%20Exam%20Study%20Guide - HIST152X: United...

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