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HIST152X: United States History since 1877 Eric Hall Midterm Study Guide Long Answer/Identifications: Remember to answer who or what the ID is , state approximately when it happened , and explain why the ID is important . In other words, what can this ID tell us about society at that time? Reconstruction Waves of Immigration Nativism (Why did “native” Americans oppose immigration?) Horatio Alger Stories Vertical Integration Horizontal Integration Andrew Carnegie John D. Rockefeller The Victorian Era Coney Island Sports in the Gilded Age: Bareknuckle boxing and Baseball Homestead and Pullman Strikes 1896 Presidential Election Wizard of Oz and Populism Black leaders at the turn–of–the–century: Booker T. Washington, Henry McNeal Turner, W.E.B. DuBois, Frances E.W. Harper, Ida B. Wells Dawes Allotment Act Alfred Thayer Mahan Spanish–American War Rough Riders Theodore Roosevelt Settlement houses Carrie Nation and the Temperance Movement
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152X%20-%20Midterm%20Study%20Guide - HIST152X United States...

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