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Unformatted text preview: America in 1877 America Welcome to the Gilded Age! Welcome Corruption and Corruption Racism Racism Industrialization Rise of/Movement to Rise the City the Immigration From Isolationism to From Imperialism Imperialism Reconstruction (1865-77) Reconstruction War’s Legacy Presidential Reconstruction Radical Reconstruction Amendments – – – 13th, 1865 14th, 1868 15th, 1870 Clinton Wasn’t the Only One… Clinton Black Codes Black Black Sharecroppers Black Rise of the KKK Rise Election of 1876 Election What Happened to Freed Blacks? Blacks? “I believe in America”: Making believe Sense of the Immigrant Experience Sense Waves of Immigration Waves 1. 2. 3. 4. 17th-Early 18th Centuries: English, Dutch, Scandinavians Scandinavians 18th-Early 19th Centuries: Scotch-Irish, Germans Germans 1840s: Irish 1880s-1914: Southern and Eastern 1880s-1914: Europeans, Asians Europeans, Types of Immigrants Types 1) Birds of Passage 2) True Immigrants Immigration by Decade: – – – – – 1870-79: 2,742,287 1880-89: 5,248,568 1890-99: 3,694,294 1900-09: 8,202,388 1910-19: 6,347,380 1910-19: ELLIS ISLAND Why Oppose Immigration? Why 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Religion Ethnicity Labor Political Party -isms The Growth of Industry in the Age of Robber Barons of Growth of Big Business Growth The Rise of Robber Barons The Vertical Integration: – From Extraction to From Consumption Consumption – Gustavus Swift Horizontal Horizontal Integration: Integration: – Merging of Merging Companies Companies – John D. Rockefeller Andrew Carnegie Andrew John D. Rockefeller John Lifestyle of a Robber Baron Lifestyle America Responds to Trusts America ...
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