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Unformatted text preview: Dance Halls, Ball Games, and Amusement Parks: How Americans Had Fun in the Gilded Age Fun Characteristics of the Victorian Era Characteristics Respectability Separate Spheres Formality of Dress Industriousness Yellow Journalism Yellow Richard Harding Davis Richard New York’s Central Park New Coney Island Island Bareknuckle Boxing Bareknuckle Sex in the City? Sex The Men Behind The Curtain in the Emerald City: The Trials of Political Paralysis Paralysis Election of 1884 Election Republican or Democrat?...That is is the Question the 1. 2. 3. 4. Region Ethnicity Economics Issues Civil Service Reform and the Garfield Assassination Garfield Homestead, Pullman, and Populism: The Workers Fight Back Back Hard Times Hard Problems with Industry Panic of 1893 Age of Strikes Homestead Strike Homestead Near Pittsburgh Henry Clay Frick Pinkertons Pullman Strike Pullman Farmers Fight Back Farmers Farmers Disadvantaged by New Economy Problems Grange Movement Farmers’ Alliance Populism One is Silver and the Other’s Gold Gold Bimetallic Standard More Silver = More Inflation More Inflation = Easier to Payback Loans Gold Standard Act Election of 1896 Election The Wizard of Oz The ...
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