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History 152X: United States since 1877 Spring 2010 Wednesday, 6–8:50 University (UNIV) 219 Instructor: Eric A. Hall Office: Recitation (REC) 401 Office Hours: Thursday, 11–1; and By Appointment Email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Welcome to History 152, a whirlwind tour of the major events and themes in U.S. history from the end of Reconstruction through the Watergate scandal. As you might have expected, this course will cover many of the events you (hopefully) know of: the “Roaring ‘20s,” both World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the Vietnam conflict, and the African American Civil Rights Movement. It is my goal, however, to introduce you to topics, people, and themes that you might be unfamiliar with: a hatchet–wielding Carrie Nation destroying taverns in rural Kansas as a temperance crusader, Bert the Turtle showing American children how to “duck and cover” to survive nuclear holocaust, New Jerseyites racing from their homes to save themselves from a Martian attack, and Captain America, Batman, and Robin heading to Europe to fight Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. While examining the major economic, political, and military developments in the United States and abroad, this course will focus heavily on themes in the social and cultural areas of American history. My goal is to encourage critical thought and discussion about the past and how our history influences the present. This is not exclusively “name and date” history. GRADING and ASSIGNMENTS Exams – 40% Your course grade will include two (2) exams , a Midterm and a Final, that are each worth 20% of your final grade. The exams will ask you to answer four (4) short essay questions and write one long essay. You must bring a BLUE BOOK or GREEN BOOK with you on exam days. The Final Exam IS NOT cumulative. If you miss an exam as the result of an illness verified by a doctor’s note or letter from the Dean of Students’ office, a Purdue–related activity preapproved by me, or a death in the family, you may take a different version of the exam. It is your responsibility to schedule a makeup date and time with me. Please note that an evening exam for another course IS NOT a legitimate excuse for missing an exam or class. In order to allow you sufficient time to read over my written comments on your exam, I do not entertain questions concerning graded assignments in the first 24 hours following their return to the class. I will distribute a study guide in class one week prior to each exam. Quizzes – 40%
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152X%20-%20Spring%20Semester%20-%20Hall%20-%20Syllabus -...

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