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Slide13 - Atomic Emission Spectra Pre-1 900 —Nuruerous...

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Unformatted text preview: Atomic Emission Spectra Pre-1 900 —Nuruerous researchers produced atomic spectra by heating up atoms of a material to high temperature and collecting the emitted energy in the form of an atomic spectrum. our “1} 5H! 56H HIP am 7!!! IIIII I 1 m IISI] full! ”(I all] [1N1 “I‘ III“ {DJ 1 91 1 — Rutherford proposes model of the atom. Positive central nucleus surrounded by many electrons. 191 3 — Bohr’s laws of the Hydrogen atom structLu'e: 1 . Electron orbits nucleus (like a planet around the sun) 2. Of the possible orbits only those for which the orbital angular momentum of the electron is an integral multiple of hr" 211: are allowed. Electrons in these orbits don’tradiate energy. 4. ‘Nhen an electron changes its orbit a quantum of energy (photon) is emitted with energyAE = hi), where M is the energy difference between the two orbits. 5-” ...
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