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Slide47 - Hermitian Operators I‘I’M‘l’ 1 d1 Ill 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Hermitian Operators I‘I’M‘l’) 1' d1? : Ill! 1' Allid'r Is the operatorx (multiplication by x) Heimitian? Iw(xw)* dr : Imam Iw‘ww'r : Isl/*xvd'r '? from :xjwm Now the operatorx is not. complex and so x = 33* = real number Is the operator ix Hermitian'? Jw(acw)*dr=1w*awdr Iw(ix)*w*dr : [ac/mm (arr wwmia wwdr I In this case ix : (130*, the operator is notHei‘mitian ...
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