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Slide52 - Drugs Summary I fill IIIE TD SELECTED...

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Unformatted text preview: Drugs Summary I fill IIIE TD SELECTED PSYCHBACTWE IIIIIIIES 9mg Macho! 5...... " Cefleine amine P‘speed.“ Type Depressant Depressant Stimulant Measurable Effects Initial high followed by relaxation and dislnhiltition Rush ofeupiloria. roiiefftom pain .. - .. I - Increased alertness and weiieiulnes Euphoria alertness. energy Adverse Effects Depression. memory loss. organ damage, impaired reactions Depressed physiology. agonizing withdrawal Anxiety, ratlesaness. and insomnia In high “doses; uncomfortable withdrawal imtabrlrty. inenm nie, hypertension. seizures Cocaine rifle}... ' " Ecstasy WW Hermione Stimulant Stimulant-”mm - Stimulant mlldmmum hallucinogen Mild hallucinogen Rush of euphoria, mnfidence. energy arousaiand relaxation, senso ofwell hat"! Entotionel eletiation. disinhlbltlon 'é'fiiiéfiééfi'fimum'm"m"".'Higéi'fiifii'iifil'fiilh"J'm'" time. relaxation Cardimiestuler stress. suspkieusnees, depressive cresit Heart disease. candor {from tats} Dehydration. overheating. and depeessed 51mm cognitive. and immune itinctlonlng impaired ieanting and memory. increased risiim of pet-etiological disorders. lung damage from smoke 52 ...
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