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Slide33 - Carbohydrate Functions TABLE 2—5 Earhahgdrates...

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Unformatted text preview: Carbohydrate Functions TABLE 2—5 Earhahgdrates in the Body Structural Clan Elnora!" Primary Hrnctlnn Him Mommas Glucose. fructose Energg source Manufactured in the bod; and ohtaitred from loocl; distributed In [sum- Iusml body mics Illnesharlrlu Sucrose. lactose. maltose Energg source Sucrose is tabla sugar. lactose is in milk. and maltose is malt sugar: all must Ire broken down to mannaaochalides before alienation Hymnal-ides Glycogen Storage ol gucose Glgaogen is In animal cells; other starches and cellulose is within or around plant cells Monosaccharides: simple sugars with 3 to 7 carbon atoms (glucose) Disaccharides: 2 simple sugars condensed by dehydration synthesis (sucrose) Polysaccharides: Chains of many simple sugars (glycogen) Carbohydrates are quick energy sources and components of membranes H ...
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