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Slide5 - TABLE 3—1 Urganelles of a Representatiueflell...

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Unformatted text preview: TABLE 3—1 Urganelles of a Representatiueflell Organelle Functions Compolltion Double rrtotnhnne. with inner mutt-tram totals [cf-stool enclosing important metabolic entgmes Network of membranous channels morning throughout the tgtoplasrn Has ribosomes bound to membranes Lacks attached ribosomes Stacks ol' flattened membranes [nannies] containing chambers [cisternae] Vasidls containing powerful digestive enzgmes Vasicias containingdogmlatiw enzymes Nucboplasrn containing nucleotides, enigma nucleoprote ins, and chromatin; wounded by] a double membrane [Minor envelope] Bonsa- region in nocireoptasmcontaining M and RNA Produoe 951 oflho ATP required by the cell Synthesis disecretorg products.- intraoellular stowage and transport Modification and pathoging of newt; synthesized proteins Lipid and caroohgdrate synthesis Slotago, alteration. and packaging of secretory products and tom: enzgrnes lntraooilular mat of dorrtagotl «gonelhs or of pathogens Neutralization oi tout: cotrtpountls Eotttrol of metabolism.- stnrage and processing at genetic information: control of protein synthesis Sita- of ram synthesis and assembly at ribosomal mkunits ...
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