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Slide5 - Squamous Epithelia(2 Simple squamous...

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Unformatted text preview: Squamous Epithelia (2) - Simple squamous epithelium -absorption & diffusion — Mesothelium - lines body cavities — Endothelium - lines heart and blood vessels um: mum arm-[mun memo“: WI- Iinlng mm m cavities: [mu-Illa llnlng hum and mom! mule: portions of m IIJIIIIIII [hln «Him a! mono a! Honk): hm llnlng 01 coma; . am! a! lungs 1-: . 5 I-‘LIHG'I'IOIII: Mum l: '- ,' . Mellon: DDI'III'GII VIIIII E-' ' - Stratified Squamous Epithelium - protects against attacks — Keratin proteins add strength and water resistance I'I'III'I'I'FIID “UAHOIIB MEN”- LOGA'I'IOH‘: Sudan of akh; lining a! mm, mm W «cm. "Ina. md Wynn FlfllchOllSz Prwldu pluralcal prmcuon against abrasion. Magma. and dumlcli attack ...
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