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Introduction to Sociology Summer 2008 Mon-Thurs 9:45-11:20am Winders Assignment 2: The Violation of Norms Due : Tuesday, June 24, 2008 (Submit to T-Square before class, and turn in paper copy at the beginning of class) Purpose: This exercise asks you to violate a norm and write a report about the experience. The objective of the exercise is to determine the extent to which norms influence behavior. Thus, you will want to pay particular attention to the reactions of both YOURSELF and OTHERS. Guidelines: 1. Select a norm that is common in our society. 2. Break the norm in a social setting. 3. Observe the reactions of others and yourself, both verbal and nonverbal. 4. Record as quickly as possible those reactions. DO NOT : --Break laws or cause anyone else to break the law. --Cause harm to yourself or anyone else. --Do anything that is legally or morally questionable.
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Unformatted text preview: Format: In writing up this exercise, be sure to cover all the following points, but don = t feel that you are limited to them. The report should be 2-3 pages , typewritten and double-spaced. Be sure to: 1. Define the norm you will violate. 2. Describe how this norm acts to organize and control behavior. 3. Describe how you violated the norm. Describe the physical setting, the social setting, and how many and what types of persons were there. 4. Summary and interpretation: Describe what happened as a result of this violation. a. How did you feel as you were violating the norm? b. Why did you feel the way you did? c. How did others react? d. Did you encounter any difficulties in carrying out your assignment? e. What did you learn about how norms organize and control behavior?...
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