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Assign4 - Stratification Monopoly and A standard Monopoly...

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Introduction to Sociology Winders SOC 1101 Summer 2008 Assignment 4: Stratification Monopoly Write a 2-3 page (typed, double-spaced) essay reflecting on your experience playing Stratification Monopoly . In your essay, complete the following parts. Part I. Answer the following question. 1. Briefly describe the game you played. Was income and/or wealth distributed unequally (i.e., what game did you play)? What was your social class? How did you fare in the game? Did someone dominate or win the game? Part II. Answer either A or B. A. Choose two principles of inequality and discuss how the game reflects these principles. B. Compare the rules of
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Unformatted text preview: Stratification Monopoly and A standard @ Monopoly . How do the distributions of wealth and income lead to an unequal outcome? Beyond the distribution, how different are these two types of Monopoly ? Part III. Answer the following questions. 1. How could this inequality be addressed in this game? What rules might make it easier for the poorer players to have a more equal opportunity? 2. What would be necessary for such a change in A the rules of the game @ in real life? DUE DATE: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 As always, please turn this assignment in on T-Square before class on Wednesday and bring a paper copy to class to turn in....
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