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NAME:_______________________________ LAB SECTION ________________ Page 1 of 8 EAS 1600 - INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Fall, 2005 Exam 1 – 09/30/05 < Relevant formulas, etc are included at the end of the exam < Place your name on each page < This is a closed-book exam; all are expected to comply with Georgia Tech Honor Code I am aware and in compliance with the Georgia Tech Honor Code Signature: ____________________________________________________________
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LAB SECTION ________________ Page 2 of 8 Answer the following multiple choice questions (1 – 8) by circling the appropriate answer. 1. Consider a parcel of air at 1 atm and 243 K. The density of the air is? (3 points) a) 1.0 g cm -3 b) 1.2 kg cm -3 c) 1.5 kg m -3 d) 1.2 kg m -3 2. Consider the same air parcel from above. What would the density be if the temperatures were increased by a factor of 2? (3 points) a) 3.0 kg m -3 b) 0.75 kg m -3 c) 0.5 g cm -3 d) 2.0 g cm -3 3. Consider a population of cats that has a growth rate of 14% per year. If you start with 27 cats approximately how many cats will you have in 10 years? (3 points) a) 110 b) 125 c) 54 d) 86 4 . A cloud is formed at in the atmosphere so that all of the water vapor condenses as liquid water. If this cloud contains 1 kg or liquid water after the condensation process is complete how much heat was released to the surrounding air (3 points) a) 2500 J b) 2500 kJ c) 2833 kJ d) 333 kJ 5 . Solomon Islands are between 5 and 12 o S. What is the wind direction on average? Note
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Exam_1_2005 - NAME LAB SECTION Page 1 of 8 EAS 1600...

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