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EAS 1600 - INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Fall, 2007 Exam 2 – 10/26/07 < Answer all Questions < Show all your work and be sure and report units where appropriate < Place your name on each page < This is a closed-book exam; all are expected to comply with Georgia Tech Honor Code I am aware and in compliance with the Georgia Tech Honor Code and I agree to abide by the grading policies of this class. Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Print Name: ___________________________________________________________ Lab Section: ___________________ 1
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1. What is the Biological Pump in the ocean? (be sure to say what is being pumped and how it works) (10 pts) The biological pump takes atmospheric CO 2 to the deep ocean and nutrients from the surface to the deep ocean. Photosynthesis consumes nutrient and produces organic matter in the surface ocean. Organic matter decayss/respires to produce CO 2 and release nutrients in deep ocean. 2. You are at the beach for spring break on a day with an air temperature of 20 o C. You notice that a helium balloon with a volume of about 1 m 3 just floats above the surface of the water. What is the mass of the balloon? (10 pts) Need to show that you understand the balance of forces i.e. weight and buoyancy. Drawing a diagram is great. W = B m ball g = ρ air V ball g m ball = ρ air V ball m ball = 1.2 kg m -3 (1 m 3 ) = 1.2 kg 3. What are the trade winds and how do they arise? A diagram would be nice, be sure
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Exam_2_2007_key_2 - EAS 1600 - INTRODUCTION TO...

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