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Exam 2 2005 Key 1) a) Maximum of temp. is due to heating by sunlight which also drives photosynthesis which consumes the nutrient phosphorous. b) Maximum. Chlorophyll and oxygen are both produced by photosynthesis. c) CO 2 is minimum at surface where temp is high. CO 2 will be maximum where P and N are maximum due to respiration/decay. 2) 8000 km 3) evaporate, rapidly 4) increases, decreases or decreases, increases 5) transform motion of two plates 6) calcite (CaCO 3 ), biological activity 7) a) +4 b) +6 c) oxidation number increases so oxidized 8) i) The clean cloud, less aerosol, less ccn, bigger cloud drops ii) The polluted cloud, more aerosol, more cloud drops, higher reflectivity iii) Take any reasonable answer. One example the polluted cloud is a stronger effect because it cools the planet through higher reflectivity.
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Unformatted text preview: 9) See diagram in book or notes for reference. They should label the California current and show upwelling off U.S. coast. 10) NADW is formed by transport of warm, high salinity water north by Gulfstream. Water cools as it moves to higher latitude making dense (high salt, low T) water off coast of Greenland that sinks. If Greenland ice sheet melts rapidly the water becomes less saline and less dense. This will retard NADW formation. 11) The magnetic striping is due to the mid-ocean ridges continually making new basaltic rock on the ocean floor. As the magma from the ride cools it takes on the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field and then solidifies. Periodically the magnetic poles switch polarity leading to the banding along the ocean floor. 12) a) 3 or 5 b) 1 c) 8 d) 5 e) 4 or 2 f) 7 g) 3,5, or 7 h) 6...
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Exam+2+2005_key - 9 See diagram in book or notes for...

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