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Lab Policies for students. EAS 1600 Fall 2008 1. READ the lab material before coming to lab. Bring the lab manual with you to the lab. 2. Lab starts at 5 minutes after the hour with a closed book, closed notes quiz. Quiz is based on the material in the lab manual or/and relevant lecture material. The sample quiz problems will be posted in the T-Square. Actual quiz problems may be slightly different. 3. Quiz ends at 15 minutes after the hour. No late quiz turn-in is allowed. 4. Quiz is worth 10 points of the lab grade; lab itself is 90 points, total 100 for lab. 5. Students late to quiz will get 0 for pre-lab quiz; therefore their maximum grade for lab will be 90. 6. Students are required to adhere to all safety rules announced by TA at the beginning of the class, and safety rules in the lab manual; failure to comply results in dismissal from the lab and a 0 grade for that lab. 7. Students form teams or can work independently if there is enough equipment (or computers). If the team is not performing well, there might be a need for TA to swap
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