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Class+Exercise+from+4-22-09 - 4 Collection of account...

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ACCT 2101 CLASS EXERCISE STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS (1) Name ____________________ Section ____ Date ___________ REQUIRED: For each of the following transactions, indicate where on the Statement of Cash Flows it would be reported (included)—Operating (O), Investing (I), Financing (F), Noncash Investing and Financing Activities (NC), or Not Reported (NOT). Some items may not be found on the Statement of Cash Flows. _____ 1. Issuance of preferred stock for cash _____ 2. Payment of cash dividend _____ 3. Sale of long-term investment
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Unformatted text preview: _____ 4. Collection of account receivable _____ 5. Issuance of long-term note payable to borrow cash _____ 6. Depreciation of equipment _____ 7. Purchase of treasury stock _____ 8. Issuance of common stock for cash _____ 9. Purchase of long-term investment _____ 10. Collection of cash interest _____ 11. Cash sale of land _____ 12. Distribution of stock dividend _____ 13. Acquisition of equipment by issuance of note payable _____ 14. Payment of long-term debt _____ 15. Acquisition of building by issuance of common stock...
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