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1 ACCT 2101 REVIEW FOR FINAL EXAM SPRING SEMESTER, 2009 INFORMATION ABOUT THE FINAL EXAM The final exam will be composed of 50 multiple-choice questions with a value of 2 points each. Some sample questions are included in this handout so that you will know what to expect. In addition, more than 150 sample multiple-choice questions have been posted to T-Square for you to use as practice. (Look in the Final Exam Stuff folder.) There is one extra credit question with a value of 2 points. Therefore, there are 102 available points on the final exam. The extra credit question is: What was your favorite topic in ACCT 2101 this semester? You will need to answer this question to get the extra two points. The multiple-choice questions are both conceptual and computational. In fact, the composition of the final is about 50% concepts and 50% computations. The topics you should emphasize in your study are identified below. For each of the topic areas, I have tried to narrow the list to the most important topics we covered. The best way to study is to review your lecture notes, additional handouts, class exercises, and current and previous quizzes. There will not be any surprises on the final exam. However, you may be asked about terms or computations that are in your notes, handouts, and class exercises that were not included on your earlier quizzes. Your Final Exam is on Sunday, 4/26/09, at 3:00 p.m. PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be able to enter the classroom much before 3:00 p.m. You will be assigned to one of the following rooms in the Management Building to take your exam: 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, or 203. The classroom assignments will be on the door of each of these classrooms and will be posted with the final Grade Update on T- Square.
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2 OTHER IMPORTANT REMINDERS: (1) On Sunday, please stop by the table outside Room 100 to pick up your pizza, bottled water (unchilled), authorized calculator, and pencil (if you need one) before going to your classroom. The room assignments will also be posted there. (2) You may use the “Authorized Help Sheet” that was distributed in class while you are taking the Final Exam. You may not use a substitute – your notes must be written on this handout. No other paper will be allowed.
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