Exam1Spr2009-9am - CS 1315 Name (printed clearly):...

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Exam 1 Monday, 2 February 2009 Name (printed clearly): Signature: GT username (gtg, gth, msmith3, etc): INTEGRITY: By taking this exam, you pledge that this is your work and you have neither given nor received inappropriate help during the taking of this exam in compliance with the Academic Honor Code of Georgia Tech. Do NOT sign nor take this exam if you do not agree with the honor code. DEVICES: If your cell phone, pager, pda, beeper, iPod, or similar item goes off during the exam, you will lose 10 points off this exam. Turn all such devices off and put them away now. You cannot have them on the desk. ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT will not be tolerated. Your are to uphold the honor and in- tegrity bestowed upon you by the Georgia Institute of Technology. Penalties for misconduct will be a zero on this exam, an F grade in the course, and/or other disciplinary action. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Do your best to prevent anyone else from seeing your work. Do not communicate with anyone other than a proctor for ANY reason in ANY language in ANY manner. Do not share ANYTHING during the exam. (This includes no sharing of pencils, paper, erasers). Do not use any paper other than the exam. Follow directions given by the proctor. Stop all writing when told to stop. Failure to stop writing this exam when told to do so is academic misconduct. Do not use notes, books, etc during the exam.
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Exam1Spr2009-9am - CS 1315 Name (printed clearly):...

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