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Exam3Spr2009-9am - CS1315 Spring 2009 April 17 Name DO NOT...

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CS1315 Spring 2009 April 17 Name_______________________ 1 of 5 DO NOT WRITE IN THIS BOX. FOR GRADING USE ONLY. Page Points Earned Points Lost Graded by: Page 2 (28 pts) Page 3 (24 pts) Page 4 (28 pts) Page 5 (20 pts + 1) Total (101)
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2 of 5 HTML & WEB PAGE PROCESSING 1. <img src="me.jpg" width="100" height="100"> is someone's attempt at an image tag. If this is meant to be valid XHTML, what is missing? (a) depth attribute (b) alt attribute (c) closing slash / (d) 2 of the above are missing (e) none of the above are missing 2. A large heading is created by using this tag. 3. What the proper filename extension (ending) used for a style sheet for a website? 4. When using urllib to connect to a website from jython, which function below actually reads in the HTML content? 5. Which function should be used when your code is finished with the URL? (a) urllib.urlget(url) (b) urllib.close(url) (c) urllib.capture(url) (d) urllib.read(url) 6. One can easily insert a javascript function call into the HTML for a web page so that when loaded, the web page shows the date. (a) True (b) False
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