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Vista Windows Users: Vista is very picky about allowing you to save your new picture. You will most likely need save the picture on a usb drive. I'm assuming you have been running your program using the driver and it already works. (And that the driver does return at the end.) 1) Connect the usb drive to your computer. open Windows Explorer to see if the usb drive is attached as an F:, G:, or some other letter drive. I will assume it attaches as a drive called F: 2) Load your program. 3) In the bottom window of JES (the interactive window): p = driver() p now refers to your new picture. writePictureTo(p, "F:\\msmith209.jpg") * Change msmith209 to your prism username. That command should save your new picture to the usb drive. If it complains, you might need to double check the letter.
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Unformatted text preview: It might not be F:. Open Windows Explorer and click on "computer" to see what drive letter was assigned to the removable media (usb drive). Once the file is saved to the usb drive, you can double click on it there to make sure it is the new picture you want to turn in. It should be the same as the one your driver displayed for you when repaint ran. You can turn in the picture from the usb drive by attaching it from there when you log on to T-Square and start the assignment submission process. If you want the picture long term, you can drag it from the usb drive onto your desktop (to keep, or to upload for submission to T-Square from there.) If you have trouble with this, let Monica and the TAs know!- Monica...
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