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Be 100% sure you understand the collaboration policy for CS1315: Collaboration Policy: Students of CS1315 are only allowed to talk/discuss in general terms (and only talk) about this assignment with other students currently enrolled in CS1315 Spring 2009 and the current TAs of CS1315. I am not allowed to receive help or even discuss this assignment with anyone outside the current CS1315 course. Looking at someone else's code in any way is expressly forbidden and is considered cheating. Likewise telling someone what code was used is cheating. Giving any homework code to anyone else, or receiving any homework code from anyone else is considered cheating. (This includes written, verbal, electronic, and any other form of communication.) Students are not allowed to tell someone else exactly how to do an assignment. Telling them which examples are useful from the book, the ppts, or the in-class examples from T-Square is okay. CS1315 students are expressly forbidden to email their code to someone else, and likewise forbidden to receive emailed code from anyone else. Sharing code in the form of a print out, a usb drive, or through any other means is also forbidden. I will document those persons with whom I discussed this homework. I am required to get approval in advance from Monica Sweat for any exception to these rules. If you discuss this HW with someone after you have already turned in your homework and hence a now incomplete/incorrect collaboration statement, you must email your TA and amend your collaboration statement in that way. Please cc: [email protected] on any collaboration update emails.
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Homework 2: collage() Quick Overview Your assignment is to fill in the function collage from hw2.py that takes five pictures as parameters (they will be the pictures that make up your collage) and creates a collage as a single new jpg. Your code will do four major things: 1) The collage function has 5 picture objects as parameters. You can use the same original up to two times in your collage. So the minimum number of original jpgs you will need to assemble your collage is three, and the max is five. I recommend you use 5 pictures that are all the same size (or resize them before you start to use them in your program.) DO NOT USE THE SAME PICTURE MORE THAN TWICE. 2) Perform a different effect to each of four out of the five pictures. (And the third picture will be mirrored.) You are required to pick 2 of your effects from this list: a) negative b) grayscale c) sepiatone d) posterize The other 2 effects can also be from that list or of your choice. DO NOT USE THE SAME EFFECT MORE THAN ONCE. Each effect must also be seriously different. For example, do not make one effect be the reduction of red and some other effect be reduction or increase of some other color. Those two are effectively two spins on the same code. Make your effects very varied! (Do not try to skip out on the requirement to do four *different* effects plus the mirroring of the middle one.) 3) The picture that is to be the middle one (3
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HW2assignment - Be 100 sure you understand the...

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