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MovieMaker-Mac-How-To - This assumes you have downloaded...

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This assumes you have downloaded MovieMaker.zip, have unzipped it (and fully extracted the contents). RUNNING MovieMaker on a Mac (uses the terminal) Open up the terminal application (it is in Applications -> Utilities just in case.) The easiest way to then enter the command to change directory into that MovieMaker folder is to have terminal open and also have finder open side by side. Using the finder window, surf to where you can see the MovieMaker itself - do not go into the folder. (Beware, inside the MovieMaker folder there is a file also named MovieMaker - but that one is the program itself. So be sure you are seeing the MovieMaker folder .) In terminal then type cd and a space, then drag the MovieMaker folder icon over to the terminal like you would when you are moving a file from one folder to another. (Since terminal is a program and not a fi nder window, dragging MovieMaker won't really move the folder.) Instead, dragging the icon should enter the complete path to your MovieMaker folder so that you don't have to type it in to terminal yourself.
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