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Safety rules and regulations for the EAS1600/1601 lab. To the student: You are required to read, understand and implement the safety precautions indicated below or in your laboratory manuals/handouts. Your signature on this sheet indicates your absolute willingness to abide by these precautions while you are in the laboratory. Print this page, sign it and bring it to your lab instructor. 1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. Read all procedures thoroughly before entering the laboratory. If you do not understand a direction or part of a procedure, ASK YOUR TEACHER BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE ACTIVITY. 2. Dress properly during a laboratory activity. Long hair, dangling jewelry, and loose or baggy clothing are a hazard in the laboratory. Long hair must be tied back, and dangling jewelry and baggy clothing must be secured. Shoes must completely cover the foot. No sandals allowed on lab days. 3.
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