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Extra_Credit - Question 1 In the last 15 years astronomers...

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Ground Rules: There are 2 questions. For each question, write a clear, concise 500-600 word essay that incorporates all of the information requested. A list of references is required (not included in word limit). A scientifically correct and clearly written response for each question will be worth an extra 2% on your grade score (total of 4% extra possible). No credit will be given for essays longer than 600 words. To be considered for grading and extra credit, your essays must be turned in to the Lab TA before your scheduled lab begins on the week of April 20-24. There will be no exceptions, but the Lab TA will accept early submissions. You may discuss the questions with anyone and use any source material. All materials (print or on-line) must be appropriately cited. You must prepare the essay on your own and it must be in your own words (Georgia Tech Honor Code applies).
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Unformatted text preview: Question 1. In the last 15 years astronomers have discovered numerous planets orbiting other stars. Is this a surprising discovery? Why or why not? Describe two methods that these extrasolar planets are discovered and explain how they work. Are the discovered extrasolar planets likely to be typical or atypical? Why? Question 2. As we face a warmer future due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, much effort has been concentrated on the development of alternative energy resources that do not emit carbon dioxide. However, there has been some study and speculation about ways in which the warming effect of the carbon dioxide can be mitigated through “geoengineering” solutions which are designed to cool the Earth. Describe 3 such proposed cooling mechanisms, discussing both the strong points and the drawbacks of implementing each solution....
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