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Making+up+the+lab+you+have+missed - T-Square(go to...

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Making up the lab you have missed. If you have missed (or will have to miss) the lab and have a legitimate excuse , you may take a make-up lab during that week only. To make-up the lab, choose a time slot convenient for you, and send a email to the TA of the corresponding section, asking permission to attend that section. Also email your TA and let him/her know that you will miss your scheduled lab meeting. The TA’s emails, time slots (sections), and contact info is posted on the
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Unformatted text preview: T-Square (go to RESOURCES → LABS → Lab instructors). If you were not able to take a make-up lab, you will have excused absence, but no points for that lab, i.e. you will miss the opportunity to enhance your total class grade. You will need to bring a proper documentation about your absence and show it to your lab TA, or get an excuse from Dean of Students....
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