Sample+test+3 - SAMPLE EXAM 3 EAS1601 How to Build a...

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Unformatted text preview: SAMPLE EXAM 3 EAS1601 How to Build a Habitable Planet May 1, 20 0X Answer all questions Place your name and lab section on each page All are expected to comply with Georgia Tech Honor Code. Sharing information (giving or receiving) with other students once the exam has started or using materials other than the test booklet and a pen/pencil are violations of the Honor Code. All suspected Honor Code violations are reported to the Office of Student Integrity (No calculators or other electronic devices allowed). Explanations must be clear and concise (no more than two sentences only the first two sentences will be graded) You may leave your answers in mathematical form (i.e., it is not necessary to calculate quantities.) For multiple choice questions, choose the best answer to each question and write the letter on the line to the left of the question. Some questions will require you to remember, but many will also require you to think and apply your knowledge. The most obvious choice is not always the best choice. I am aware of and in compliance with the Georgia Tech Honor Code Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Name (print):__________________________________________________________ Lab section:_________ 1) (14 pts) a) Silver is a siderophile element. Is silver enriched or depleted in the sediments right at the boundary between the Cretaceous and Tertiary relative to in the sediments above and below? Explain why this is the case c) Name and describe one way that an extraterrestrial impact can lead to mass extinctions 2) (12 pts) ______2-1. When atmospheric CO...
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Sample+test+3 - SAMPLE EXAM 3 EAS1601 How to Build a...

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