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MGT3102 HR Research Study Participation FAQs for Fall 2009 Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the research credit for MGT 3102 (Managing HR in a Regulated Environment). If you have any questions about the studies that aren't answered here , contact Jesse Olsen at . GENERAL FAQs How many studies do I have to participate in to get credit for my research requirement? Two (2). You will need to participate in a two-part online study AND one lab study to complete your research requirement. The first study to be offered will be a two-part online study, and you’ll need to complete both parts of this study to receive full credit. The second study will occur later in the semester and will take place in a lab. You will be able to sign up for one of several timeslots for this study. Each study will take about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. How do I sign up for a study? When studies have been opened, you will be notified via T-Square and/or e-mail. At that time, you may go to and log into your account. Find the name of the study and sign up for a timeslot. Be sure to select the appropriate class to credit for your study participation. You cannot participate in a study sponsored by another class (e.g., marketing) in order to get credit for MGT 3102, nor can you use a MGT 3102 study credit for another class. Studies for this course will be easily identified via their titles (i.e., “MGT3102” and “HR” will appear in the studies’ titles). I can’t log in *or* I don't have login information. How do I get it? Your Bizlab password is different from your regular GT password. Go to http://gtbizlab.sona- and enter your Georgia Tech ID or e-mail address. Be sure to try your alias if you have one. Many students forget they have an alias, so if you’re not sure, go to, log in, and click "alias summary". If you’re still unable to retrieve your password, e-mail Jesse Olsen at
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HR+Research+Study+Participation+FAQs+-+Fall2009 - MGT3102...

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