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Unformatted text preview: M Analysis and Implications of M Goals Goals for Presentation Understand the basic concepts and technology behind the EnStorage Regenerative Fuel Cell Make audience aware of the future uses of the EnStorage technology Comprehend the marketplace implications implications of the technology M Agenda Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. EnStorage Company Overview Basic Problems EnStorage Looks to Solve EnStorage’s Technology Predictions for the Future of this Technology Wind Farms Smart Grid Mobile Versions 5. Implications for Management M What What Is ? Start up company Aim to develop and commercialize energy sto storage systems Backed by 10 years of Prof. Emanuel Peled Peled’s research Receives funding from Siemens Technology Technology-To-Business LLC and others G Basic Basic Problems Looks Looks to Solve 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . Creation of regenerative fuel cells and flow batteries Decreasing environmental impact Lowering cost of fuel cells Applying this technology to power generation applications Capitalizing on this technology and on thi the shift to renewable energy K EnStorage Technology: Regenerative Fuel Cell with an innovative proton proton-exchange membrane K How How a Regenerative FC Works Energy Producer Normal Flow of Power Grid Fuel Cell Excess Power Charges Fuel Cell Fuel Cell Discharges When More Power is Needed Consumers K Electrochemical Electrochemical Reaction C Membrane Membrane Traditional membranes require acid groups to be bound to a polymer EnStorage uses a membrane with nanopores that hold an aqueous acid solution This makes their membrane both cheaper and more efficient than competitors C Application Application to Power Generation Industry Utilize the regenerative fuel cell for load leveling purposes ◦ Load leveling is a control technique to lessen the effects of daily load changes ◦ Allows for a more consistent level of production therefore raising efficiency G Fuel Cell Cone of Uncertainty Better Energy Storage Energy Storage Methods Discovered Usage in Hydrogen Producing Industries Fuel Cells Today Present 2011 Unknown and Disruptive Technologies FCs See Use as Backup Generators Infrastructure to Support FC Vehicles Mobile Versions of Regenerat...
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