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EBSCOhost Back 4 page(s) will be printed. Record: 1 The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. By: Stires, David. Fortune, 10/29/2001, Vol. 144 Issue 8, p38- 38, 1p, 1 Color Photograph; ( AN 5361740 ) Database: Academic Search Complete Section: First THE QUESTION AUTHORITY The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread A bright idea is one thing, but stick-to-itiveness can be far more important when developing a new product. It took 432 tries and nearly three years, but Oklahoma entrepreneur Stewart Kennedy, 29, says he and a team of food researchers at Oklahoma State University have finally perfected their formula for individually wrapped peanut butter slices. (Think Kraft Singles.) Now in test markets with Wal-Mart, Albertson's, and other retailers, PB Slices could be coming to a store near you very soon. FORTUNE caught up with Q: Why does the world need sliced peanut butter?
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Fortune+2001+-+Best+Thing+Since+Sliced+Bread - EBSCOhost...

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