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January 20, 2010, 11:40 pm Amazon Cracks Open the Kindle By BRAD STONE As Motoko Rich and I report in Wednesday s New York Times , Amazon.com is finally opening up the Kindle to developers. This has the potential to turn a popular single- purpose device into a more interesting and versatile gadget, limited only by the imagination of third-party programmers and by what they can do with its monochrome e-ink screen. /Ben Margot/Associated Press Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos with a Kindle. Amazon says it has already released the Kindle Development Kit to a select number of partners, including the video game giant Electronic Arts, and will make it more widely available when a limited beta period starts next month. It anticipates formally adding what it calls active content to the Kindle store sometime later this year. Ian Freed, Amazon s vice president for the Kindle, said there would be three different categories of active content: free applications, one-time paid applications, and
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NYT+012010+-+Amazon+Cracks+Open+the+Kindle - Amazon Cracks...

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