TR+June+2010+-+Social+TV - KYLIE CATCHPOLE (Australian...

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10 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES 55 WWW.TECHNOLOGYREVIEW.COM than conventional thin-fi lm silicon cells. If Catchpole can integrate her nanopar- ticle technology with the processes used to mass-produce thin fi lms commercially, it could shift the balance of technology used in solar cells. Thin-fi lm photovol- taics could not only gain market share (they currently have just 30 percent of the market in the United States) but sustain growth in the solar industry overall. Thus far, silicon has been losing out to cadmium telluride as the material of choice for thin-fi lm solar cells. (First Solar, the market leader, is planning gigawatt-scale solar farms that will use cadmium telluride thin-fi lm technology to deliver as much electricity as conven- tional power stations.) But tellurium is a rare material, and experts question whether the supply will support such grand ambitions. “There just isn’t enough tellurium to make a substantial di± erence to the way the world’s energy is produced,” says Catchpole. “Silicon is the way to go.” Catchpole has been approached by companies, but she wants to refi ne the technology further before commer- cializing it. Meanwhile, researchers at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne are collaborating with Sun- tech Power, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of silicon solar cells, on plasmonic thin-fi lm silicon cells of their own. The company’s plasmonic photovol- taics are expected to be ready for produc- tion within four years. — Bob Johnstone T he viewership for live television broadcasts has generally been declining for years. But something surprising is happening: events such as the winter Olympics and the Grammys are drawing more viewers and more buzz. The rebound is happening at least in part because of new viewing habits: while people watch, they are using smart phones or laptops to swap texts, tweets, and status updates about celebrities, characters, and even commercials.
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TR+June+2010+-+Social+TV - KYLIE CATCHPOLE (Australian...

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