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Chinese Civilization Outline - Chinese Civilization Outline...

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Chinese Civilization Outline Six Dynasties (220-589 A.D.) : Wei/Shu/Wu Jin 265 -> 310 Song 439 -> 311 Qi Liang Chen Five Dynasties period : In between Tang and Song dynasties. General Cao Cao : General of Eastern Han, Invented the nine-grade system for ranking officials. Fotudeng : Buddhist missionary (d. 349), influenced Xiongnu leader Shi Le to allow the building of Buddhist monasteries in the north. The Fall of Luoyang : 311 A.D. the Xiongnu conquered Luoyang. Xiongnu were led by Shi Le. A Chinese Official’s Memoir : Mr. Yan wrote the family counsels of Mr. Yan you had to master spoken and written Chinese to survive, and Xianbei language was not necessary. Mao Shan Daoists : Very Exclusive. Had a more optimistic view of afterlife, could appeal courts in the underworld. Certified Teachers only, one must pay to learn texts. Ling Bao School : More open, Appealed to the Greater Vehicle (Mahayana), Daoism with a Buddhist influence. Neither school emphasized the way or intergrity classic Zhuangzi. Northern Wei Dynasty : 386 -> 534 A.D. Tuoba Gui was the leader of the Tabgach (Xianbei under Xiongnu) who founded the Northern Wei Dynasty in 386. Taiwu ruled (424-452) Daoist leader Empress Dowager Feng – Established the Equal Field System which gave land to the people based on necessity with distinction on land types (Farm vs. mulberry) Emperor Xiaowen (471-499) established new capital in Luoyang, and increased Chinese influence in court. Ordered The Classic of Filial Piety to be translated into Xianbei. Wei Dynasty ended because of Erzhu tribe invasions and a powerless emperor.
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Chinese Civilization Outline - Chinese Civilization Outline...

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