laozivschuangzichart - reform, the opposites glory/disgrace,

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Sheet1 Page 1 For Final Heart Sutra - sutra like suture Diamon sutra The platform sutra of the sixth patriarch Liao-fan's four lessons - book report 25 pts for the 5 texts - lao tzu, chuang tsu HS DS P/S 10 chronology 10 Book report 5 Quintilian's Quote ----------- Lao-Tzu Nature: Spontaneity -- binary opposites/polar opposites/pure man-one with the tao-middle path, advocates the tend e Absolute spirtual emancipation and peace/ accepting/knowing one's limites but nourishing them and adapting to the universal p 571-500 BCE Chuang-Tsu quietistic/moves like a galloping horse. 1-constant motion, flux of incessant transformation of universial process that binds all things into one Relativity - equalizing all things/opinions
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Unformatted text preview: reform, the opposites glory/disgrace, strength/weakness Airy all over the place travel beyond the mundane world Identify all things=passing no values in judgement onto anyone/anything 399-295 BCE Confucianism: Full development of one's nature Fullfillment of ones destiny Participation in the creative work of nature (heaven/earth) Transform people through education The world-oriented "life" Cheng Tzu Worship nature Returning to destiny Enjoying nature Against traditionalism and conventional standards Poetic mysticism subtle and individualism Leave transformation to things themselves Influence of arts and poetry (Zen buddhusm)...
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