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Lecture - Lao Tsu 580 – 500 BCE Grand Music Master Shi...

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Hsia dynasty 2183-1752 BCE Shang dynasty 1751 – 1112 BCE Chou dynasty 1111 – 249 BCE These are the 3 dynasties period. Green Period: Tao is with Sage Rulers Red Period: Tao is with Sages The Doctrine of the mean – Tao – Realm of Truth Yin Yang – Realm of Energy The analects – everything – Real of form Confucious: 551-479 BCE Shi Kuang 630 – 600 BCE
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Unformatted text preview: Lao Tsu 580 – 500 BCE Grand Music Master Shi Kuang – 630-600 BCE Lao Tsu 580-500 BCE Confucious 551-479 BCE Quintilian, marcus – in 90 A.D. “Sow a thought, and you’ll reap an act” “Sow an act, and you’ll reap a habit” “Sow a habit, and you’ll reap a character” “Sow a character, and you’ll reap a destiny”...
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