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Andrew Cheung Dr. Gloria Shen Introduction to Chinese Civilization 19 December 2007 To Inspire a Sage Thought: an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. Each day we have tens of thousands of thoughts, each with their own weight and focus, but of what importance are they? Is it possible that our every thought can have a profound effect on our or our family’s future? According to the work of Yuan Liao-fan, and those of China’s early philosophers, our thoughts as well as our actions hold extreme significance in our own destinies. “The Four Lessons of Liao-fan" in particular was a spiritual work originally written for his son; the work focuses deeply on the accumulation of merit or demerit through everyday life and gives immense insight on the effects of said merits while guiding its reader towards enlightenment and a prosperous future. Liao-fan opens with an in depth look at destiny and how we view it. In doing this he recounts a story from his own life from when he was a young boy. His story begins with his aspirations’, he had wanted to be an imperial scholar, but for the sake of the ambitions of his father and the safety of his mother, he was convinced to become a medical doctor of sorts. However, one day while he was at a temple, he met a man named Mr. Kong. Mr. Kong told him that he was meant to be a scholar, and made a prediction that he would pass the imperial exam soon. Of course Liao-fan was skeptical, so he brought the man home and to prove his reliability he tested him on small everyday things, and to his surprise Mr. Kong was correct in all of his predictions.
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Liao-fan|Paper - Cheung 1 Andrew Cheung Dr. Gloria Shen...

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