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Comp Apps Chapter 3 - includes everything(file servers...

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Comp Apps Chapter 3 31/01/2008 17:59:00 Computer Networks TCP/IP = Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. Synchronous: Sender & Receiver both active. AIM Asynchronous: They aren’t. E-mail. Broadcast communication: One signal, entire receiving population are  receivers. One sender lots of receivers. Professor to class. Multicast communication:  Lots but not all, TA to section vs. Professor to  class. Point-to-Point communication: One sender on Receiver. Understand Servers & Clients. WWW vs Internet. WWW relates only to the network of Web Servers, internet 
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Unformatted text preview: includes everything (file servers, etc…) • DNS: Domain Name Server • DNS translates web names -> IP’s • ISP knows closest DNS • If DNS is unable to find the IP of webpage, it goes to RNS or Root Name Server. • URL = Universal Resource Locator, 3 parts: o Protocol – http://… o Server Computers Name – Server’s IP o Page’s Path Name – Which file is requested • 31/01/2008 17:59:00 ← 31/01/2008 17:59:00 ←...
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