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Exam Information - Exam Information HOURLY EXAM 1 Thursday...

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HOURLY EXAM 1: Thursday, March 13 th 2008 – 9:40 pm to 11:00 pm Sections Instructor Exam Location 01 - 05 Gayatree Ganu BE-AUD, Livingston 06 - 10 Gayatree Ganu LSH-AUD, Livingston 11 - 16 Gayatree Ganu ARC-103, Busch • Bring Rutgers University Student ID to all exams • WARNING : Route 18 construction continues in the New Brunswick area, resulting in increased traffic congestion. It is particularly important to allow sufficient travel time between campuses when you have an exam; consideration will be not be given to students arriving late to an exam due to construction delays. Note : You must take the exam in the room assigned to your section. Taking the exam in the wrong room will mean a lowering of your final grade by one letter grade. Electronic or cellular devices of any kind are not permitted in the room during the exam. Bringing electronic or cellular devices to the exam may result in a grade of zero. Exam Content: Fluency with Information Technology, Second Edition (Snyder): chapters 1-5, 10 Material presented in Lecture (Go to the resources tool in Sakai to find all lecture slides) Extra reading assignments and exercises included on the last slide of each lecture. Examples presented in recitation ad class. Exam Format: Total Points = 80 PART ONE: Multiple Choice: 10 questions ( 20 points ) PART TWO: Fill in the Blanks: 12 questions ( 24 points ) PART THREE: Short Answers: 5 questions ( 10 points ) PART FOUR: True/False: 10 questions ( 10 points ) PART FIVE: HTML Coding: 2 questions ( 16 points ) Note: Attempt all sections of the exam; there is no negative grading. Looking for Review Material?
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Exam Information - Exam Information HOURLY EXAM 1 Thursday...

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