Memo2 - the United States as to spur the size of the...

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Council of Economic Advisers To: Mr. B Obama, President of the United States Date: April 6 th , 2010 re: Population Growth Policies Mr. President: As can be seen from the first graph, the US Population Growth Rate shows a long term overall decline, which is on par with the rest of the world as a whole average. This long-term decline combined with new technologies and extended life expectancies exposes a problem with healthcare and social security. The gap between aged citizens and those of working age is steadily widening and the promise to the working class of the same benefits offered to those that are elderly is going to drive up taxation. In order to combat this trend I suggest implementing and promoting population growth in
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Unformatted text preview: the United States as to spur the size of the working class to meet the needs our country faces with a growing aged population. This growth needs to continue until the benefits of the working class are adequate to support the size of the aged population, and it must stop here in order to prevent overpopulation. The initial spur should cause an initial burden as the current working class will need to not only support themselves and the dependent elderly, but children as well. But after sustained growth, we should find equilibrium and be able to maintain a steady population size. Sincerely, Andrew Cheung Graph 1 Data source: World Bank, World Development Indicators...
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Memo2 - the United States as to spur the size of the...

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