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Council of Economic Advisers To: Mr. B Obama, President of the United States Date: re: Technology Mr. President: There has been great debate about the role of technology in our society and how it relates to our economic development. Many argue that technology is depreciating us by limiting face- to-face interaction, limiting exercise, and dampening our innate emotional abilities. While these arguments are true, they do not come without purpose and justification. Technology is the sole driving force of the world, and as such should be fostered with this idea in mind. Imagine a world with technology restricted entirely by social standards. Taboo medical technologies would not exist nor would environmentally dangerous machines (also known as:
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Unformatted text preview: Automobiles). These are things we could not live without, but as we stand today we are in a partially restricted world. Now imagine technology without restriction and only with the will to have it prosper. Cybernetics to heal the wounded and flying ships to transport cargo can al become a reality. This is why the United States should support technology to the fullest. Do not be scared of the social implications as society will sort it for itself: laws will be made, bans will still go on, but we will be advancing our country in ways people have never imagined and thus propelling our economic development to new heights. Sincerely, Andrew Cheung...
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