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23copyworkshop - Topic Sentence(¶4 Beth Loffreda takes a...

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Andrew Cheung February 4 th , 2008 Thesis: Loffreda suggests that these slogans are very problematic in both their political resonance and emotional value, and while I believe that is true I don’t believe they are without need. Topic Sentence (Intro): “For centuries, the art of rhetoric and diction have been paramount in humankinds political bouts, and the twentieth century is far from an exception” Topic Sentence (¶2): Hate is not a Laramie value Topic Sentence (¶3): The other side of these slogans and statements are the interpretations of the people and the media.
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Unformatted text preview: Topic Sentence (¶4): Beth Loffreda takes a strong stance against the public media and their portrayal of Laramie, Wyoming Topic Sentence (¶5): Another strong foundation in this essay are the ideas of hate crimes in a white society as opposed to others Topic Sentence (¶6): The style used in this work is one that allows us as the reader to form our own views in a very unique way. Topic Sentence (¶7): So what was the final voice, the overall tone or the main message Beth Loffreda was trying to get across?...
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