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Cheung Andrew Cheung Stephanie Clare Expository Writing BU 5 March 2008 Vivid Dreams Imagine a world where every passerby is just like the next and every household was just like the last. Envision a race that hangs their head low and keeps their hopes high. Consider these creations of the mind and then one has the harsh realization of what makes an oppressive government. Azar Nafisi writes of this ruling regime and the hardships her students and herself undergo in, “Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books ”. She writes of how her band of students come together outside of class to pursue true love for literature against the will of their society. In doing this Nafisi and her students create a new society of their own and use it to escape the life outside. Similarly in Beth Loffreda’s, “Selections from Losing Matt Shepherd ” she discusses the media’s ability to hide, reveal and alter truths which ultimately have the masses believing in a world they do not reside in. Jonathan Boyarin, writer of “Waiting for a Jew: Marginal Redemption at the Eighth Street Shul”, also creates a sort of alternate reality in his dealings with the Jewish culture and how they conduct ceremonies and various prayer rituals. But these alternate realities are just creations of our ever changing imagination. Through any sort of thought or action a person is fully capable of creating an alternate reality for his or her self and detaching from everyday life or the society they act in as a whole. To fully understand this detachment and the reasons behind its creation one must consider the origins of the alternate reality by considering whom or how many 1
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Cheung it affects and in fact what is defined as an alternate reality. An alternate reality can be described simply as a reality in which one believes whole-heartedly in. There could be endless debate on this topic when considering questions such as, “what makes reality?” and considering the idea that there is no standard reality for people to deviate from but that the reality that exists is simply a conglomerate of personal realities and anyone person who attempts to create another simply causes a change in the whole. Ultimately the idea of a reality whether it be alternate or not, is completely up to the individual who considers it. This consideration though can come from a slew of sources and influences in a person’s life. Whether it be
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Lolita - Cheung 1 Andrew Cheung Stephanie Clare Expository...

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