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Cheung Andrew Cheung Stephanie Clare Expository Writing I 28 January 2008 The Face of a Masquerade For centuries, the art of rhetoric and diction have been paramount in humankinds political bouts, and the twentieth century is far from an exception. Some people stand by their opinion and some change face under the fierce public eye, but which is right? Should a faction stereotype the values of a community? Should a community even have a single profound and distinct voice echoing a single resonant stance? These are some of the many questions introduced by Beth Loffreda in her analysis of the death of Matt Shepard. Slogans such as “Hate is not a Laramie value” and “Hate: It’s a common word in Wyoming” cause much tension and tie closely to the aforementioned questions by causing political mayhem and social animosity. Loffreda suggests that these slogans are very problematic in both their political resonance and emotional value, and while I believe that is true I don’t believe they are without need. Hate is not a Laramie value. When statements such as this come about, we are sure to inherently find some severe issues within the community. First, the actions of two individuals should be unable to shape the values of Laramie. Secondly, such slogans are negative and abrasive using both a command and the word ‘Hate’ which only promotes the problem and negative ideas. Instead of a slogan such as, “hate: It’s a common word in Wymoing” I believe they should use a benevolent idea and proactive slogan. Sure it sends a clear message that Laramie does not stand behind recent actions, and that they are not taking it sitting down but at the same time it leaves them open to criticism and leave spectators with a sour taste of the town. 1
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Cheung If one was to take into consideration the connotation of the town with the recent activities they may develop a slogan that emphasizes the victim. “The night Laramie stood still” would not only show that the town is benevolent in nature but they also mourn and all without being so abrupt. So there is a very strong need for a statement, one that will define the town but some may cause less problems than others, because without one the townspeople stand dead in the tracks of the media. The other side of these slogans and statements are the interpretations of the people and the media. As it has been proven over and over again that the media has a way with words and can turn the most sincere of sentiments into whatever they need them to be. The town consists of adolescents still walking around saying, “I hate gays and I’m not changing my opinion”(Loffreda 323) as well as townspeople who insist they “really take care of each other”(Loffreda 329). From this view we can see how no sincerity in the world can out weigh the negativity when there
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Matt Shephard Zero - Cheung 1 Andrew Cheung Stephanie Clare...

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