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Andrew Cheung Expository Writing BU Pronoun Worksheet Identify the Antecedent: 1. Tom asked the celebrity to speak to him. 2. Student’s read the papers that they wrote. 3. I met Susan yesterday when she helped me pick out groceries. Replace the vague pronouns: 1. In Houston, they drive worse than in Dallas. 2. Class is usually rich with graphs and data charts. I especially like this. 3. While atomic waste products are hard to dispose of safely, it remains a reasonable alternative to burning fossil fuels to produce electricity.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify the Pronoun: 1. Our house is always open to them. 2. Wendy is around somewhere; have you seen her? 3. Are you going to visit him this afternoon? Indefinite Pronouns and Noun choice: 1. Anybody can learn to drive an automobile with a manual transmission it (they are / he or she is) coordinated. 2. But not everyone will risk (his or her/their) (life/lives) trying. 3. Few today seem eager to take (his or her/their) driver’s tests in a five-speed....
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