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ANSC 10200; Quiz #2 FALL, 2010 ___________KEY ___________________________ Name 1. Which species provides the meat most highly consumed in the world and in the United States? A. pig and cattle D. chicken and pig B. cattle and chicken E. pig and sheep C. chicken and cattle 2. What is another name for the disease called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy that drastically reduced the demand for US beef in 2004? A. EIA-Equine Infectious Anemia D. MCD-Mad Cow Disease B. E. Coli 0157:H7 E. BFN-Bovine Female Nonsense C. MCD-Marketed Cow Distemper 3. Which state is not one of the top five locations of beef cattle feedlots in the U.S.? A. California D. Nebraska B. Colorado E. Texas C. Kansas 4. Which of the following is NOT a geographic reason for feedlot cattle concentrations? A. Closer of cowherds D. Climate (sandy soil, mild weather) B. Good water source and irrigated land E. Closer to feeds C. Closer to dense human population 5. Which of the following was listed as a major goal of beef cattle breeders? A. 70-80% calf crop B. Excellent mothers that produce milk and calves with 350-400
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Unformatted text preview: lb. weaning weights (205 days of age) C. Cows that breed back within a 60 day breeding period D. Calves that sell mostly as USDA Select as feeder calves or slaughter steers or heifers E. Cow/calf pairs that can live on 3-4 acres per pair. 6. T or F A beef stocker refers to an animal raised or sold for the purpose of going into an intensive feeding program (usually > 600 lbs at weaning and may go directly into a feedlot. 7. T or F There are more horses in the United States now than there have ever been. 8. What percent of the horse owners in the U.S. have primarily a for-profit, business purpose? A. 90% D. 30% B. 70% E. 10% C. 50% 9. Which state is currently in the top five in horse numbers in the United States? A. California D. Montana B. Kentucky E. Wyoming C. Michigan 10. Horse will eat about how much feed per day in dry matter as a percent of their body weight? A. 2.5% D. 5.0% B. 7.5% E. 10%% C. 12.5%...
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