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ANSC 10200; Quiz #4 FALL, 2010 _______KEY _________________________ Name (please print) 1. TRUE or F Dr. Waddell stated that the first ultimate goal in food production is that it is “wholesome”, which she defined as “safe” and “nutritious”. 2. TRUE or F After puberty at the transition from growth phase II and III in most mammals, muscle growth slows, fat accumulates rapidly, and feed efficiency decreases. 3. T or FALSE As the animal ages, the percent fat increases in the body because the actual amount of muscle decreases and the actual amount of bone stays the same. 4. TRUE or F USDA requires antemortem inspection to observe the 4 D’s (down, disabled, diseased, dead) and postmortem inspection of the head and feet, hide, and viscera (GI tract, liver, etc) and pluck (heart and lungs) to look for an signs of disease, infection, etc to ensure that the food chain is wholesome. 5. T or FALSE USDA beef quality grades of Prime, Choice, and Select are determined largely on the animal‘s age and the degree of intermuscular
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