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ANSC 10200; Quiz #5 FALL, 2010 __________ _________________________ Name (please print) 1. Pet ownership is increasing in the U.S. with approximately what percent of the households owning either a dog or a cat? A. 30% C. 50% B. 40% D. 60% 2. T or FALSE There are more total dog population than total cat population in the U.S., but more households have cats than dogs. 3. TRUE or F Dogs have been domesticated much longer than have cats. 4. T or FALSE Pet owners in North America spend approximately $12.4 billion on pet food and this is annually growing at a rate of 4.1%. This is even larger than the amount spent on veterinary care. 5. According to the American Kennel Club, which of the following is NOT in the top five breeds of dogs registered in the U.S.? A. German Shepherd C. Labrador Retriever B. Golden Retriever D. Yorkshire Terrier 6. The life cycle of dogs and cats are similar. Which statement is true? A. Gestation length of dogs and cats are both between 60-70 days B. Sexual maturity of dogs and cats are both ~5 months
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Unformatted text preview: C. Eyes opened after 16-18 days, weaned after 8 weeks D. Old age/death is expected in both dogs & cats after 6-8 years 7. Animals have four basic avenues of heat loss. Which of the following is an example of heat loss through convection ? A. An animal moving out of the direct sunlight into the shade B. An animal lying on a cool surface rather than a warm bedded surface C. An animal standing in a breezy area instead of out of the wind D. An animal panting or sweating 8. T or FALSE The upper critical temperature of a given animal is the temperature above which heat producing mechanisms must increase . 9. Which of the following has the highest lower critical temperature? A. High producing Dairy/Finishing cattle B. Horse weanling C. Piglet new born D. Sheep - long, thick wool 10. TRUE or F In Indiana, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is authorized to administer federal environmental laws of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency....
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