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ANSC%20102%20Quiz%203%20key - ANSC 10200 Quiz#3 FALL 2010...

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ANSC 10200; Quiz #3 FALL, 2010 ______________________________________ Name (please print) 1. T or F The lab animal industry is moving away from mice and rats toward research with dogs and cats. 2. U.S.D.A. does NOT regulate the research and teaching use of which of the following laboratory animal species? A. B. Non-Human Primates 3. When referring to laboratory animal industries what does the acronym “ARF” stand for? A. Animal Research Farm D. Access to Reptile Feces B. Animal Research Foundation E. Animal Research Facility C. Artificial Receptor Fertilization 4. Which of the following are NOT certified by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences (AALAS)? A. Animal Care Technicians D. Veterinary Technicians B. Laboratory Animal Managers E. Vendors C. Veterinarians 5. Which of the government regulations DOES NOT affect the laboratory animal industry? A. Animal Welfare Act
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